Attuned Healing Massage ~ Reiki in the Tetons

in Jackson, Wyoming

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GBMMK-1I now offer my bodywork sessions GROUNDED to Earth’s energy! This provides additional healing benefits and inflammation reduction for my clients. To learn about the importance of grounding, you can find research info online at the Earthing Institute.

This spring, my Detoxifier combination treatment is discounted by $15!  Find out more about this special treatment by clicking here.

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The Teton Reiki Circle will reunite June 8,2016, at 6:30 p.m. at 430 South Jackson Street, in the upstairs community room.  These gatherings are Reiki practitioners, energy workers of all kinds, and anyone interested in healing energy practice.  We will visit, share information and hold a group healing circle. It is a free meeting, and feel free to bring food/drink to share if you wish. You may read my latest Teton Spirit Connection Blog about teaching and learning Reiki in our expanding energetic culture: Click Here.

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I have a new page and service: FITNESS TO GREATNESS! This page links to an ongoing Facebook site, which offers an active community and inspiration to get and stay fit. I also post motivational quotes and photos, accountability workout updates, recipes, articles, and encourage fitness challenges. Let’s do this together!

My blog “Love Is Immense” with accompanying art published Dec. 5 on Teton Spirit Connection. Click here and become inspired to recognize the divine love in your life.

My published article “True Joy: Accepting Unconditional Love” with accompanying art appeared in the Summer/Fall 2014 issue of Teton Spirit Connection Magazine, pp. 35-37. Read it online.



“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ~  Mary Englebrett