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Welcome to Attuned Healing Massage & Bodywork and Reiki in the Tetons.

“Live fully and vibrantly.”

Massage and bodywork can be the best medicine. My sessions are custom-tailored to your individual needs, requests and goals. See the Massage & Bodywork Sub Pages for more information about how you can experience:

~ Improved circulation ~   Decreased tension    ~   Better sleep    ~   Pain relief    ~   Healthier immune system    ~   Better digestion    ~   Headache & sinus relief    ~   Muscle strain relief    ~   Toxin removal    ~   Improved joint mobility    ~   Healthier skin . . . Joy

“I think you have magic hands! . . . I always feel completely comfortable with you and totally at ease, peaceful.” ~ Client of Laura’s

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Try a Reiki healing session or a specialty favorite, the 20-20-20 combination of lymph drainage and massage on the back, feet and legs. I am certified in lymphatics, which assists with detoxification and with inflammation and swelling reduction. Experience my training in Thai Massage, straight from Chaing Mai, Thailand. I now offer Cranio Sacral Therapy, as I am trained through level three of the Upledger Institute. Plus, all my bodywork sessions are grounded to the Earth’s energy through Earthing technology.

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