Art Classes

Emotional Art Expression

Laura Garrard facilitates individual and group classes on request to assist in breaking through artistic or emotional blocks through an art expression process. Contact her directly for more information:  

Express From Within: An Energy Art Class

First Held January 29, 2013, and then March 12, 2013

About Express From Within:

Tuesday night eleven students joined instructors Laura Garrard and Lyndsay McCandless on a new journey into visual art expression at Attuned Healing Massage & Bodywork. They bravely breathed and exhaled through energetic and light-infused meditations, encouraging intention in choosing their creative materials, emotions, colors and marks. Garrard provided them and their art tools opening Reiki energy work throughout the evening. McCandless inspired students with imagery and technical direction. Plus, students identified emotions they were either feeling or wishing to express, and let those emotions direct their artistic flows on paper spontaneously or purposely. Garrard and McCandless led their students to fill with light energy, view color and visual art differently, and break through expressive barriers personally and/or artistically. For some, it was a revelation; for others, it was just plain freeing and fun. Stay tuned for more classes to come, for this group definitely wanted more.

For more information, contact Laura Garrard (307-690-5308/

Sue Thomas in process, creating spontaneously from within.

Veronica Silverberg’s colors and marks, inspired by chosen emotions, taking form: an internal her.

Lynsey Dyer’s colors and lines taking root through paint sticks.

Veronica Silberberg’s final piece, expressing the energetic flow within.

Sue Thomas’s final piece, expressing the desire to share her heart with her loved ones.

Lynsey Dyer’s final piece, expressing the feminine in nature.

Collage, paint, pastels, free-flowing and sharing, capturing emotions and expressing through mediums of light and energy.