Attuned, 1

Here is a beginning, a blog I wrote years ago. Did I understand fully what I had written then? How intelligent it was? Did I know that this type of letting go would assist me in my largest storm to date? I had no idea! Again and again, when I release–effort, will, and my mind’s need to control–into the infinite presence, I am saved from worry and stress that create imbalance and ultimately illness. I understand that release provides perspective, priority, grace, and peace. I know that all will be okay because I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what is called of me. I breathe into the unknown, and all is known. I am in the hands of all-knowing love.

Pause the Storm and Approach Your Day with Peace of Mind.

As we navigate experiences in our lives, we often come to moments of frustration, doubt, insecurity, anger and sadness. Sometimes the waves of emotion are very transient. Other times, our minds spin on circumstances, interactions with others, financial challenges, loss and grief, and fear.

Here is a tool you may use to regain clarity and peace within. Find a few minutes to sit alone in a comfortable position with no distractions. Knowing that things are on your mind, close your eyes not with the attempt to vacate your thoughts completely but to place them on pause. Take deep breaths and place one hand on your forehead and one hand over the middle of your chest. After a few breaths, move the hand on your forehead to your belly. Take a few more deep breaths feeling your tension melting if even just a little. When you feel your breath becoming more expansive, place both hands on your low abdomen resting at your hip creases.

At this point, you may begin to feel calmer, less tense; and the mind, although knowing there are challenges in your midst, may begin to stop its spinning on what you should do or what you should think about it all. This pause in the midst of your “storm” is a temporary release of taking action; it also permits a release of your need to do anything in this moment in time. This pause is freedom from feelings that have you bogged down, perhaps, and is a departure from the need to control outcomes and, most importantly, the uncontrollable.

Within this pause, clear thoughts may begin to surface. Most likely they are not the same thoughts as before, the “need to do” or the “I don’t know what to do” thoughts. They may be thoughts of “oh well”; “I can’t change this”; or “there’s nothing to do right in this moment.” You may sigh and find healthy resignation fill you as you realize there’s no way to control or handle it all. In this place of letting go, you may find that tears begin to come as the true feelings behind your thoughts surface. If so, let them flow and then subside. Or, you may find that in letting go of what you cannot not perfectly control, that you feel relief in this realization. Now you are getting somewhere! Letting go can be the beginning of truthful, helpful guidance and peace within.

Continue to breathe deeply as you let your center self open, accepting the lack of control and resignation. After all, we can’t possibly handle everything on our own. We need assistance from God, from the Source of truth and love. When you feel a sense of calm, you may decide that is enough to assist you for now; with a few more deep breaths you are ready to move forward with your day; nothing may be solved and that’s okay for now. At least you feel calmer, less stressful, or more fortified.

Or, you may sit a while longer. You may find that thoughts begin to rise in a more linear, clear way, even providing a solution or at least a next step. We can’t possibly do everything on our endless lists. So perhaps the top priority has risen in your consciousness; you have narrowed your focus and postponed other secondary tasks or issues for a time.

You may choose to end this pause with thoughts of thanks, or say a prayer to assist you with what is at hand. Give thanks knowing that we aren’t alone, that we can let go of control and trust that everything is going to be okay, and that love is the most important accomplishment. These thoughts help to put things in better perspective. Love is larger than everything we’re dealing with right now and can encompass everything in our storm. We understand that we are okay or are going to be; this time will pass. The pause we take during the storm is allowing us to reconnect to our Source, to God, to the importance of who we are as loved beings on perfect paths. We are certainly more than our tasks and troubles, and we will always be.

If a smile or relaxation comes with your pause, accept it. No matter what we’ve done or not done, feel the love that is your inheritance. Acceptance of God’s love will assist you to filter out what’s not important right now.

©Laura Garrard 2014