Events & Classes


CranioSacral Restorative Workshop ~ Sun., March 25, 2-4:30 pm

at Akasha Yoga on Hansen Street ~ $35

CranioSacral Restorative Workshop

With Laura Garrard and Wanna Johansson

Enjoy a restorative yoga practice combined with gentle craniosacral adjustments. This special practice is a tonic for the nervous system, a vacation for your muscles, a clearing for the mind, and a healing space for the heart. Take a much needed break to stretch and rest easy in your body.

Sit back, relax and refill the well.

Restorative Yoga:
The restorative practice infuses soothing movement and relaxing postures supported by props to foster ease in the mind and body. The slower pace allows for increased muscular release, stress relief and flexibility. Recommended for anyone who feels tight, sore, stressed or overwhelmed. No yoga experience necessary.

CranioSacral Therapy:
This is a gentle, energetic form of subtle bodywork that soothes the central nervous system, releases held tension or trauma, and reduces pain and negative patterning. Laura simply checks in with your cranio-sacral rhythm, places her hands over your clothes and on an important area causing tension, and your tissues relax and let go. CST aims to bring better balance and freedom in the body and therefore your life experience.

*Hands-on CranioSacral Therapy is optional. If you prefer not to be touched, we still recommend attending the restorative practice. All levels welcome.

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Teton Reiki Circle


The Teton Reiki Circle has resumed quarterly in-person meetings. We gather to visit, share information and practice healing energy in a group circle. All are welcome. This is not a Reiki exclusive event, and is open to all energy practitioners and those interested in healing energy work. It is also a free event, and you may bring food or drink to share or just bring yourself. For more information, write Laura Garrard at

Next Circle:
The Teton Reiki Circle will meet next Thursday, April 26 at 6:30 p.m. at 430 S. Jackson Street, the Jackson Holistic Healing Center common room.  Those gathering are Reiki practitioners, energy workers of all kinds, and anyone interested in healing energy practice.  We will visit, share information and hold a group healing circle. It is a free meeting, and feel free to bring food/drink to share if you wish.

Also, we also practice remotely from our individual locations on the last Sunday of every month at 8 p.m.–or if you’re busy in that timing you may place your intention toward that time and day, as with distance practice time is relative. Just focus your intention for universal healing and use energywork, prayer and/or meditation earnestly from the heart. Feeling the result has already come to pass is helpful as we envision positive desired outcomes of peace and balance in our communities and world. Finally, end your session by releasing the outcome to Spirit, God. In that way, we leave our sessions of asking with personal peace in our minds and bodies. Be sure to include your personal intentions for healing in your session, as well as desired requests for loved ones and also those in need. Although we may not be in personal contact with those who need housing or food, those impoverished across our world, our unified participation in prayer is necessary for global and personal outcomes. I have been told, “God doesn’t need our permission to intervene, however He does need our participation.” We are one through Spirit and energy, and so, as we participate we are assisting one another, including ourselves. Thank you in advance for your participation in this remote healing practice.

Attuned Healing Reiki & Art Classes:

Currently I am teaching one-on-one and small groups on demand. Contact me for more information:

Reiki I ~ Next class will be held Friday, April 20 at 9:30 am-5pm.

This full day class begins your Reiki learning with the history and definitions of Reiki, an introduction to energy systems in the body, and the Reiki principles. You will become attuned to further open your energetic system and to be able to more strongly give and receive energetic healing.

~$225 fee  one-on-one or in a group. Take-home materials and certificate provided.

Reiki II ~ Next class will be held Friday, March 9 at 9:30 am-5 pm.

Within Reiki II, you will review Reiki I and receive training and symbols for physical, mental and emotional healing as well as distance healing. After delving deeper into Reiki practice and gathering helpful feedback, you will be attuned. Your certification as a Reiki Practitioner qualifies you to practice Reiki on others. (full day training; prerequisite: Reiki I.)

~$225 fee one-on-one or in a group. Take-home materials and certificate provided.

Reiki III Master Teacher ~ Next class will be held on Fridays, March 16 and March 23

After a review of Reiki I and II, you will study visualization healing techniques and practice and receive feedback. You will also receive the Master Symbols. Suggestions will be provided about the practical issues, monetary ethics and responsibilities of becoming a Reiki Teacher. You will learn how to give the attunements and then receive your attunements to become a certified Riki Master Teacher in the Usui System. Prerequisite: Reiki II certification.

~ $500 fee per person for a full two days of training plus 2 hours supervised and 8 hours unsupervised apprenticeship. Take-home materials and certificate provided.

Expressing From Within: An Energy Art Class

What a fun night our last class was! Click here to read about and see photos of this event!

I and artist Lyndsay McCandless initially collaborated in organizing and teaching this course. Now, I lead this course for special groups and align it with the purpose of those within the group. I also incorporate Reiki to encourage energetic openings during the class. In this class students explore their inner worlds through artistic exercises inspired by energy and create art freely from within. One need not be an artist but an explorer open to the visual world. Materials are provided. Style or skill is not be emphasized; we create from within, and Reiki will assist you in finding your muse.

~$35 per person. Includes materials and mediums.

For more information, contact me (307-690-5308/ . Express From Within (flyer)