Pricing & Appointments

Please call or email to request an appointment: 307-690-5308; I schedule directly with clients. Refferals are preferred and not required. In your initial contact, request the days and times that work best for you. Let’s begin there!


First Session (always 60 minutes): $110

This includes a complimentary self-feedback journal, a $10 value, plus use of my fantastic seven-crystal, infrared heat, photon light and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) mat by Life Changing Energy, another $10 value. See details about these add-ons below.

General Session Fees:

$110 – 60 minutes; $100 if paid in advance

$135 – 75 minutes; $125 if paid in advance

Every new client receives this beautiful journal in which to write/draw their self-check in prior to and following appointments, so they can assess their well-being and progress and further their healing integration. $10 value and complimentary at your first session!

This table mat made especially for Attuned Healing provides infrared heat, which radiates through seven different types of crystals lining the mat from neck to foot. As well, clients may add photon light therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. This Earth frequency (7.8) is compatible with the human body’s natural biorhythm. $10 Add-on after your first session.


  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment. We will do our very best to begin at your scheduled appointment time and end on time at every appointment. I arrive early to prepare.
  • For subsequent appointments you will have a beautiful journal in which to self-assess your physical, mental, emotional (and spiritual) feelings. Arriving at least ten minutes early provides an opportunity to check in, breathe, and prepare to receive the best possible outcome from your session. Plenty of water assists as well.
  • Following appointments, I encourage you to linger in the lobby to check in again and compare how you feel, record your responses to the session. Sessions may present realizations, visions, or ideas you may want to recall or explore through journaling or drawing. Plus you may need some time to ground yourself since you’ll be relaxed!
  • I have a mask policy: I wear a KN95 mask after our initial greeting to protect all clients and myself from exposure to potential viruses. Clients are provided a four-ply surgical mask for when they are face up on the treatment table. I can check our temperatures as well.
  • Wear or bring comfy, loose clothing to your appointment. All sessions are received clothed.
  • I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. A fee of $50 will be charged for a “no show.” I collect a credit card number to hold your appointment and automatically charge this fee if you do not come. Valid excuses for cancellation within the 24-hour window are if you or your child are sick. I cannot see clients who have viral or covid symptoms or who feel they’ve been exposed. Please call as soon as possible if you feel you are going to miss your appointment.