Pricing & Polices

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Now Available! Receive a personalized recorded guided meditation with your purchase of a package of sessions! Using guided meditations for healing will assist you in between appointments.

Special Offerings:

Premium Detox Treatment: A wonderful complement to a detox program is my 90-minute sea salt and essential oils exfoliation followed by a full-body lotion hydration and a lymph drainage therapy session. $160

20-20-20 Therapeutic Treatment: This healthy massage combination will aid in detoxification, help to improve immune response and work out well-used muscles. It includes a 20-minute therapeutic massage on the neck and back; a 20-minute cleansing lymph drainage therapy treatment; and a 20-minute hot oil massage on the feet and legs. $115 (90-minutes, or 30-30-30, costs $145)

20-20-20 Cranio: This combo is a spin off the regular 20-20-20 therapeutic treatment. It includes a 20-minute therapeutic massage on the neck and back; a 20-minute cleansing lymph drainage therapy treatment; and a 20-minute CranioSacral therapy session addressing your specific symptoms. It is very detoxifying, relaxing, and addresses spinal pain or stiffness. $115

The Detoxifier: This detoxifying combination includes 30 minutes of Reiki clearing energy work to release energetic blocks that can prevent complete healing and create imbalances in mental, emotional and physical health. Thirty minutes of  lymph drainage therapy follows this release to promote toxin and inflammation removal and increase immune system function. Leave feeling lighter, more clear and centered in your body and life. $110

The Four Energies Treatment: I combine four energy practices in this session to attend to the physical and energetic bodies. They include Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, and my own Heart Directed Therapy and The Gift. I utilize all four energy approaches in an integrated session for release of tension and symptoms, long-term wellness, letting go of imbalance and receiving heart-based healing. $110

90-Minute Power Relay: This powerful bodywork combination treatment attends to many layers of the mind, body and spirit. It begins with 30 minutes of relaxing Reiki energy work, followed by detoxifying lymph drainage therapy, and finishes with 30 minutes of energizing acupressure. $140

Acupressure “Facial”: Not a skin facial, this 30-minute treatment uses acupressure points on the face, head and neck to promote release and relaxation of tension and pain in the neck, face, jaw, scalp and head. It often relieves headache and TMJ as well as a stiff neck. It may be added on another treatment or received by itself. A wonderful addition to a massage or Reiki session! $65

Regular Rates:

60 minutes ~ $100
90 minutes ~ $130

Distance Healing Session ~ $75

Consultation ~$75

Package Rates
Three 60-minute sessions ~ $270 (savings of $30); Five sessions ~ $450 (savings of $50)
Three 90-minute sessions ~ $360 (savings of $30); Five sessions ~ $600 (savings of $50)

*Package sessions are nontransferable and have an expiration date of two years from date of purchase. Oftentimes, multiple sessions are needed to meet clients’ goals. The discount offers a more affordable means of achieving goals.

Lymphedema Treatment:

The treatment for Lymphedema requires Complete Decongestive Therapy, which includes evaluation, manual lymph drainage, bandaging or compression, and education about exercise and skin care. Treatment typically is provided on consecutive days, Monday through Friday, for two or more weeks depending on the amount of swelling present; sessions are typically two to three hours in length at a cost of $160 to $210 (if less time is needed, less money will be charged). When reduction of swelling reaches a plateau, clients are then fitted for compression garments.


24-hour Rescheduling Policy/Payment Guidelines:
Payment is due the time of service. You may pay with cash, check, or credit card via my PayPal account. You may also prepay for appointments online: go to my Shop Now page.

I also have a 24-hour rescheduling policy; a cancellation fee may be charged if one cancels within 24 hours of the appointment time and the slot is not filled or you miss your scheduled appointment (fees are $60 for an hour session; $90 for 90 minute session). In addition, if appointments are scheduled within the 24-hour rescheduling time frame, payment in full is expected no matter a change or “no show.” I may take a credit card number or your email address to reserve your space; if you cancel within the 24-hour rescheduling time frame or “no show,” the cancellation fee will be charged to your account or I will send an invoice to your email via PayPal. Packages: If you have bought a package from me and you miss your appointment or cancel within the 24-hour rescheduling time frame, that particular appointment is forfeited and the remaining appointments will be honored. Package sessions are nontransferable; someone else may not take your place at the last minute.  I try my best to be understanding of legitimate excuses (such as illness or emergencies), and I ask that clients also be respectful of payment and scheduling.

If you are ill, contagious or have a fever, it is best not to receive massage/bodywork as it may promote the virus/bacteria within your system, and my critical clients would appreciate not being exposed: call or text to reschedule as soon as you know you are ill. If you predict that you will still be ill or that you are coming down with something close to your appointment date, it’s best to go ahead and reschedule. I would appreciate the heads up in advance if possible so that I may offer that appointment date/time to another client if there’s time. Please still try to honor the 24-rescheduling policy if you are able. And if I am ill, I will try my best to give 24 hours or more notice as well.

Thank you for permitting me to do my best work without stress over payment or last-minute changes that negatively affect other clients and my business.

Sliding Scale:
If you feel that you cannot afford the above rates, I am willing to work something out with you that you feel you can afford. I typically ask clients what they feel comfortable paying and we’ll go from there.

Complementary Surgical/Medical Therapy Plans:

Regularly, I recommend Reiki and/or Lymph Drainage Therapy sessions prior to and following your procedure; frequency package rates will apply. Please contact me ( or 307-690-5308) so that we may discuss your particular situation and form the best plan for you! Reiki assists patients to feel secure and positive going into surgical treatments, assists the staff during surgery, assists with a quicker recovery time and less pain medication, and continues to assist the patient to fully recovery and return to health. Reiki can also assist to reduce the symptoms associated with chemotherapy treatments as well. Lymph Drainage Therapy assists the immune system, aids in detoxification, and reduces edema and inflammation. I do house calls if necessary. And Reiki can be done from a distance.

Learn Reiki in the Tetons:

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