Author Vita

TulipTree Review has named my poem as “Honorable Mention,” and are publishing, “I’m Not the Heroine of Your Cancer Novel,” in its 2024 publication, Wild Women. They also selected, “Raven Woman I Am,” as a Semifinalist.

OncoLink website, associated with Penn Medicine, is publishing a multi-poem series of my cancer poetry. It is called, Poetry That Fits, and will publish one poem a week for six weeks, beginning July 10, 2024. Other poems may follow!

For the third year in a row, Olympic Peninsula Authors and Port Angeles Fine Arts Center selected one of my poems for its Poetry in the Park exhibit in Webster Woods Sculpture Garden. This poem is called, “Contrast.”

Centrum has awarded me a fourth scholarship to attend its Writers Conference, July 14-21, 2024. I will attend a morning intensive with Matthew Olzman.

The Madrona Project has accepted another poem, this one for its issue focused on machines. My poem is called, “I Laugh So Hard My Catheter Pinches.” It’s a humorous poem that arose during my stem-cell harvesting and storage.

Silver Birch Press has accepted my poem, “My Mother’s Hand in Mine,” for its All About My Mother series. They called it “compelling.”

Salmon Creek Journal has accepted my poem, “When the Healer Needs Healing,” for its 2024 publication.

Amethyst Review has accepted my poem, “Filled to the Brim,” for its summer 2024 anthology, Thin Places & Sacred Spaces.

Poets of the Promise Anthology published by Local Gems Press of Long Island, printed my poem, “Finally, Trust in the Unseen,” in a 2023 issue.

The Madrona Project has published my prose poem, “My Mother’s Parents Free Ranged,” in its winter 2023-24 journal, The Empty Bowl Cookbook.

I read my poem, “The Megalithic Circle Speaks to My Bones,” at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center’s Celebration of Shadows, Oct. 21, 2023.

Tidepools Magazine published my poem, “Paddling the Sweet Spot,” in its June 2023 edition. I read my poem at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center on July 18, 2023. 

Forty of my poems and twenty of my Olympic National Park photographs and a painting are published in a new compilation from the Commonplace Group of Jackson Hole: Potpourri – Prose, Poems & Pictures. (2023, Agnes Bourne Books).

My poem “Finding Rest in an Old Growth Forest,” has been included for a year in the open air exhibit, Under the Canopy, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, June 2023-2024.

I read my poemThe Legend of the Bell Mansion” as part of the Celebration of Shadows at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Oct. 22, 2022.

My poem “I Have to Chase that Squirrel,” was included for a year in the open air exhibit, New Growth, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, June 2022-2023.

My latest publication of a poem, “I Sit, I Wait,” is in Agnes Bourne’s book, Moments, published by Commonplace Group Books (2020). You may purchase a copy at or on Amazon.

My poem “Spring Self Rising” published on Teton Spirit Connection on March 19, 2017. Click here.

My poem “Nothing But the Soul I Wear” published in Teton Spirit Magazine in Issue #7: Or Click here.

Also Read “What Is Essential Is Invisible to the Eye,” a blog about what is important published on Teton Spirit Connection on Nov. 5, 2016.

“The Real Power of Reiki,” blog published on Teton Spirit Connection on July 14, 2015. Click here.

Dec.  5, 2014, my blog “Love Is Immense” published on Teton Spirit Connection. Click here. 

My published article “True Joy: Accepting Unconditional Love” with accompanying art appeared in the Summer/Fall 2014 issue of Teton Spirit Magazine, pp. 35-37. (

My first blog on Teton Spirit Connection: “The Teton Reiki Circle Empowers Locals to Assist Others and Themselves,” Dec. 8, 2013