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Information about Body Image and Eating Disorders: (Website of the International ED Referral Organization) (Author & Speaker)


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Local Referral Sources:

Functional Medical Doctor:

The Meno Clinic, Dr. Mark Menolascino (

Wyoming Center for Optimum Health, Dr. James Raniolo (

Naturalpathic Doctor:

Dr. Monique Lai (

Nurse Practitioner & Complementary Health Screening and Treatments:

Simply Health (

Medical Doctor:

Internist, Dr. Mike Menolascino (5235 HHR Ranch Rd, Wilson, WY – 83014, (307) 733-5676)


Tamara Clausen (

Becky Hawkins (

Carol Mersereau (Phone: (307) 733-0507)

Individual Counseling:

Jennifer Kandolin (

Margaret Hochheiser, PsyD, (640 E Broadway Ave, 307-733-2046)

Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center ( (Crisis: Call 307-733-2046)

Pilates and Gyrotonics Privates/Groups:

Michele Dorsey & Kristen Painter, Pilates Place (

Functional Training, Stretching & MELT method:

Stacy Fisher Hamby (

Yoga Classes:

Akasha Yoga (